Jan 11, 2013

Lollipop Guild On Strike

I love the reporting at Loren Coleman's blog, Twilight Language - apparently we're under attack by Leprechauns, Oompa Loompas and Smurfs. Note that these are all "little people". I've mused before that all these "little people" represent various subconscious trade unions of sorts... the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League, to name a few.

They are Terrence McKenna's "machine elves", which I've written (see The Elf King) are probably our cellular consciousness - the collective mind living just beneath our skins. Conditions are getting pretty tough down in the salt mines, I guess.

I think it's interesting how the little cells, trying to get the attention of the giant ego, are in much the same position as the little people of the 99% and Occupy Wall St., trying to get the attention of banks "too big to fail".

Good luck with that, my little friends, but given the ego's fortress-like walls, might I suggest that it may be time to throw a spanner into the works.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

When is the Incredible Shrinking Man going to make a stand for the little people?-)


Loren Coleman said...

It is intriguing what just happened in the Twitter word.

Keith Olbermann retweeted to his 425,325 followers my comment in which I disagreed with his praise of the late Ada Louise Huxtable, architecture critic, (who just died) and then he replied to it. She used the word "lollypop" (how it was originally spelled), which ended up being used to destroy the building.

~ Loren


from Keith Olbermann
You mean that eyesore? RT @CryptoLoren Her "lollypop" review doomed Edward Durell Stone's 1964 building at 2 Columb... tl.gd/kl82mb

Loren Coleman said...

You are kind to link to my recent "attack of the small people" postings.

For your delight, I share three more sidetrips into Elfland:


(1) One follows your noted recent outbursts. The reported shooter on Jan. 10, 2013, at the Taft Union High School was described as a "short person." I fear the attack of the little people has continued in a new setting.


(2) The Aluxb are very small. So...

If A Mayan Knocks...


(3) Suicidal Dwarfs, Jokers And All That

Especially In Bruges!


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Sunshine, Lollipops, and (somewhere over the) Rainbows

Hermione Granger wants to free all of the House Elves http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Society_for_the_Promotion_of_Elfish_Welfare

Another revolt by our "Hostess"

Michael said...

Loren, your blog is a constant inspiration, thank you for commenting.

Eleleth: cellular consciousness theory perfectly explains why we have a "boner" as speaker of the house.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Blue Djinn Genes

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