May 25, 2012

Trident For Sale, Make Offer - Update

I'm still working my way through 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. Apparently everything we are currently experiencing is contained in one of Alan Moore's books. LOEG 'Century: 1910' has two main themes - an occult ritual to create a Crowley-like "Moonchild", and the death/rebirth of Captain Nemo.

Since Crowley initiated the Aeon of Horus by declaring it, this Moonchild is, no doubt, none other than Horus himself. The son of the sun and the moon, spirit and matter, Osiris and Isis. This Moonchild may or may not be the antichrist. I saw the recent annular eclipse as a heavenly metaphor for just such a birth or union, which this cool video equates to the return of Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent.

Today we have the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket powered, Dragon 'capsule' docking with ISS, or Isis, quite literally, a feathered serpent!

Docked! The ISS and the Dragon capsule are now as one, following the historic docking.

Holy Fuck? "Docking" is also a homosexual act. Cute, eh?

So, that's the Moonchild, what about Nemo?

Last week, Var and I came across this Maserati for sale, "make offer", on the side of the road as if it was an old Datsun pick up. Maserati, by virtue of choosing the trident for their logo, has always been a powerful sync generator for me. The Trident is the weapon of Poseidon, Hades, Shiva, and... Captain Nemo.
This trident belongs not to the devil, however, but one who is sometimes mistaken for him: Shiva, the Divine Bowman. Its spinning arms are the three cities of Tripura- in the words of author Heinrich Zimmer, 'the amalgamated demon-citadel of the world', wrought from iron, silver and gold on the three great planes of earth, sky and heaven. Three great cities in constant rotation; so designed to cheat the prophecy that they- and the Empire they nourish- must one day fall prey to a single bolt from Shiva's bow; a feat that can be accomplished only when the moon floats into a certain rare orbit, and all three rotating cities are conjunct.
~Ben Fairhall
Made me think that the Nautilus was looking for a new captain, or something. For Sale, the Underworld. Make offer. Curiously, we had a fire aboard a nuclear sub in Portsmouth this week.

In Century 1910, Captain Nemo is dying, and he wants an inheritor, but no one will take it. His only daughter, Janni, wants nothing to do with his fanatic vendetta, but he persists.

This drives her away from "Lincoln Island" and onto the seedy docks of London (the world of samsara), where she finds employ in a sailor's inn and bar named the Cuttlefish, and is shortly, brutally, gang raped.

Her "initiation" into the "old boy's club" quickly ignites the fire of vengeance within her. She takes command of the trident armed Nautilus and lays waste to the London docks.

"You know, Ishmael, she's as bad as her old man.
Ha ha!, I'll tell you what, Jack... she's worse.
Ain't it bleedin' wonderful?"

I suspect the next Nemo/Shiva will be feminine in nature. She's got a lot to be really pissed off about.

Nemo is latin for "nobody" first used by Odysseus in his battle against the giant cyclopes Polyphemus: "much spoken of", or "famous".
When Polyphemus asks for Odysseus' name, promising him a guest-gift if he answers, Odysseus tells him "μή τις," literally "nobody." (which, when combined, as in speech also meant "cunning" - "μήτις," and is thus, a play on words.)

Polyphemus could mean a very famous person, or more likely, something that enables the concept of celebrity. Like the media, Hollywood, Youtube, or Facebook. Odysseus defeats Polyphemus by blinding him in his eye.

Nobody / Nemo / Anonymous

The question mark is the sign of Anon, the trident is the sign of Nemo. Perhaps one and the same thing? Who is Nobody?

As Mr. Moore points out, London is New Troy. And we all know how the old Troy turned out. No wonder London is so full of surveillance cameras. Not letting a trojan horse in this time! We shall see.

Update: Much sync has already been mined by the uncanny triple-pointed architectural motif of the World Trade Towers, "the buildings that were built in order to be destroyed".

For some reason, a reason for which I can only thank the gods, the Maserati automobile company has begun investing in yacht racing, which is big publicity (big Polyphemus) in Europe. This places the trident symbol in its proper place, the bow of a ship, or monster from the deep. Polyphemus draws the photographers, and they captured an arresting shot of the Nautilus stealthily emerging in a quiet harbor of NYC, with the trident of Nemo aiming directly at the "unfinished pyramid" of  One World Trade Center!

We note that in this lucky perspective, the trident must pass directly through the Winter Garden:

...and look, the masthead of the Nautilus. A red cross is illuminated.

Alan Moore's favorite symbol for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a woman bearing the shield of the red X or cross, and a Trojan inspired helmet that is actually a question mark. I meditate upon this image.


Jeremy Huff said...

Fabulous post. I HAVE to get me a copy of this,,I jealous,,I haven't read this yet. :) I love the Trident symlogy,,3 is the most sacred of all numbers..the staff of not only Shiva,,and all the Ocean gods are depicted as Tridents,,but also some depictions of the staff of,,the Electric Universe science talks about Plasma Mythology,,the Trident is a Plasma symbol in that circle..pointing to the Electric Universe secret of life,,another variation of the plasma bolt symbols are rods with spikes coming out of them or trident points at both ends. Have you seen "Percy Jackson" yet? LOVE IT, great trident scenes. The blanced between male female is HUGE in heroic/demi god mythos..HERcules, HERmes, lions/tiger symbols,,SHiva male and Female Shakti ARE the same God shape-changing,,most of the Hindu Gods are the same God with many faces. The whole universe is as such

Eleleth ר ק D said...

James Mason is Captain Nemo, but you knew that. The only man capable of entering Diana's sanctuary is No Man.

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