May 21, 2012

Don't Panic

Last night, as the annular eclipse receded, Var and I watched 9 to 5, or 925. It stars three goddesses: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton, and the story is about how their entheogen enabled fantasy revenge on their boss actually comes true. Besides all the delicious avenging of the divine feminine/subconscious, the main message, repeated over and over, is...

Don't Panic

I strongly suspect that the 5/20 annular eclipse was a cosmic sign on the material road - a sign that the times... they are indeed a changing. A time when our subconscious will play a much more obvious and prominent role in the manifestation of our 3D reality. We will dream things, and they will come true. We will wish for things, and they will happen.

According to the sages, this is the true nature of the world, though this truth has been veiled from us.

So today, Var and I were lamenting our lack of decent html (YHWH) coding tools, and how Dreamweaver and Coda both suck, but in different ways. Var was saying how much he loved Coda as an environment, but it lacked a lot of features, and conversely, Dreamweaver has all the features you would ever want, but working in that environment is pure torture.

Today, Coda announces their much anticipated upgrade, that happens to include all our most desired features.

Coda is a product of Panic Software.

So you see, there is this tendency to panic when we realize we can affect 3D reality with our subconscious thoughts. We get scared, we want to tie up the demiurge (the boss) because we fear he may have figured out that we are behind the plot to kill him with Skinny & Sweet!

But really, it's cool. I think he's secretly into bondage.

We're about to figure out 'The Power Behind the Throne' and it's going to be a wild ride. But things will work out. Don't panic.

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