Oct 31, 2011

A Blind Date With Destiny

Hey Gospornographers, long time, no see. It’s not that I haven’t been busy with syncs, I’d say overly busy, and I just haven’t grasped an overlying theme from which to tie it all together, so the syncs float like logs, waiting to be made into a raft. So on with it, if there is no coherent narrative, at least these are the sticks from which one is to be made.

1. The #OWS movement. Or OWLS, as I like to read. Apparently, graphic novelist Alan Moore has written a sort of script for this time, spanning his various works from V for Vendetta to the Watchmen.

2. The Marines. Yes, the defenders of the Union, but more than that, the army of Mary, Isis, the Devine Feminine. The assholes for good.

3. Robin Hood. The noble thief, bows and arrows, wearing of the green. Prince of Baghdad, Han Solo, Dukes of Hazzard, rebels.

4. The Trident, or weapon of Shiva/Neptune. The Nautilus, Captain Nemo, Noone, Kahn, Iron Giant. The one who can wield it is the one who can aim it at himself. The true Lion King has no pride.

5. Captain America. Not so much as the defender of America, but the American Dream. Whatever that is. Spirit of 76. Ghosts from the past, especially WWII.

6. Cranes. Yes, cranes, as in wading birds: storks, flamingos, herons, the deliverers of babies. Also giant lifting devices as found in shipyards. Tractor beams.

7. Silver. Wealth, not necessarily physical. Mercury, messenger.

8.‘The death of Paris’ as the opening act. This is part of a dream I had about Lieutenant Paris (from Star Trek Voyager) falling to his death off of a high bridge. This syncs with the Marines, because of Parris Island. Trojan War, etc.

9. Imminent travel. A voyage, passport, proper currency. The VW Camper Van. Marinara sauce.

10. The Blind Date. A date with destiny? A cosmic version of the Dating Game.

11. Time Travel. Marty McFly to Billy Pilgrim. Time's up. "As if there was no tomorrow".

12. Rebirth. The Phoenix, Horus, Eagle, Thunderbird, Jesus.

1 comment:

Ishmael said...

sounds like the ingredients of a great story . . .
(or The Story)

anyway, the travel bit is exciting!
see you there?

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