Sep 3, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time

The Cosmic Revision

People who know me know I have a bit of a fixation with time travel. Time travel, muscle and big dicks. But we’ll stick with time travel today. Mostly. Even as a kid I read all the time travel fiction I could find and last winter I finally read 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court', by Mark Twain. Why time travel? Why is Back to the Future so important to me? Why did I hear The Power of Love piping through the muse ack as I walked into Trader Joe’s on 9/1/11?

Well, I dunno, so I decided to ask the Goddess:

If I Could Turn Back Time

Those are some pretty big guns (dicks) you’re dancing around, little girl. Cher’s “comeback” video was filmed aboard the battleship USS Missouri (rhymes with Misery). The USS Missouri played a huge part in WWII, being the vessel upon which the Japanese surrendered.

Oddly enough, I saw the Missouri every summer as a kid, because we drove by the Bremerton Naval shipyards on our way to the beach cabin, and there she was floating, in mothballs.

But even more than that, Missouri is a great river, much like the Nile, Jordan or Hudson. The Missouri is the longest river in North America, and drains into the Mississippi. If the Mighty Mississip is the North American Nile, then Missouri is the Upper Nile, or headwaters, while New Orleans lies in the delta, the capitol of Lower Egypt.

Horus is the God of Lower Egypt while Set is the God of Upper Egypt, the God of the desert. I’ve mused that these rivers and gods represent some kind of spiritual energy that flows through us, the Kundalini, Tree of Life, etc. The Source, or the “headwaters” is Upper Egypt, and like the Nile, I suspect the river runs south to north, or from base chakra on up. So the Source, or Set, is the primeval force of nature, creation, the urge, also the “headwaters”. Confusing? Well, yes, until we realize we have two heads. Here’s the "headwater". Naturally, he's a red head.

Naked Justice by Patrick Fillion

It seems pretty obvious to me that Set is Eros, and possibly Yahweh, the primeval force of creation. But he’s not very smart, and mostly just thinks with his dick. He’s kind of a dick head.

Dr. Dick by HvH

The Prophecy states that Horus (our higher selves, Lower Egypt) is the crowned and conquering child, the one who overcomes Set, wrestles with the Angel of God and earns the name Israel. (sorry for mixing religious archetypes, they are all blending into one). This is essentially what I was writing about in the Sync Book. Set can’t really be beaten, or beheaded. Like the Hydra, he grows back two heads to replace the one cut off. The traditional mythic road of the hero is to attack and conquer the enemy, from Hercules to St. George to GWB. But it’s not so simple anymore. Terror only grows stronger the more you attack it. Was Jesus talking about Set when he told us the greatest commandment?
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. -Mark 12:30
Well, again, I dunno. But Cher is the queen of turning back time (via the magic of plastic surgery) and now her daughter (Chastity/virgin) has become a hermaphrodite and is dancing with the stars.

Maybe the only way to beat Set is to surrender to him. Or at least, give him what he wants. We need to be a bit clever, Horus and I.

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