Feb 27, 2010

Whale Watching

Actor Andrew Koenig, who had been missing since February 14, committed suicide, his father told reporters after his son's body was found Thursday in a park in Vancouver, British Columbia. --CNN
Walter Koenig lost his son on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. He found him on the 25, in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. My heart goes out to Andrew’s family - I also lost my younger brother to depression in 2003. However, being a synch detective is sometimes a bit like being a triage surgeon - you have to put your personal emotions aside - and get to work.

Andrew Koenig played Richard “Boner” Stabone on TV’s “Growing Pains”, nicely summed up by wklaus23 in the comments at the Secret Sun:
So "boner" went missing, and now "boner" has been found. Osiris is whole again. Things are about to get interesting...
This is exactly the same conclusion I came to after the America’s Cup series - Osiris is whole again. Remember that Osiris was cut into 14 pieces (archetypes), and these have all been found except for one - his missing phallus. Feb. 14 is the feast day of St. Valentine (AKA Eros, the God of erotic love). Andrew was 41, the inverse of 14. Koenig means “king”.

This convergence got me to thinking about the elder Koenig, who played the endearing Pavel Chekov in Star Trek TOS. He was forever confusing V’s and W’s, and perhaps his most memorable line was in Star Trek IV, “The Voyage Home”, and his requests for “nuclear wessels”.

Star Trek IV was set in 1980’s San Francisco, where they were trying to get a whale back to the 23rd century in order to save earth, yet again. The crew and Osiris/Dionysus resonating Captain Kirk are flying a Klingon Bird of Prey, which they keep in Golden Gate Park, with the cloaking device activated. “Revealing the invisible” is a strong theme in the film, the giant Horus symbol suddenly appears to whaling poachers, Scotty makes “transparent aluminum” for the whale tank.

Golden Gate Park is also a notorious gay cruising area, a place where men still gather for "whale hunting", and to share erotic love. It is mostly done “under cover”, or in other words, under a “cloaking device”. Just like the hidden bird of Horus, hidden to everyone except those who know it’s there. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is also a notorious gay cruising ground, which means it holds a hidden bird of erotic prey, or at least it did, until Andrew was found there. Somehow, I think the Cloaking Device has been de-activated. God's underwear just gave way.

Giving the Bird

Whales are mythically Leviathan, a great beast of the subconscious - often aligned with concepts of fate, God or the Id. See Moby Dick for example. Whales are also synched with phallic, masculine power, Moby Dick was a SPERM whale. Whales are also symbolically sacrificial in nature, being hunted to the brink of extinction. Unlike that other monster of the deep, the Kraken (the sperm whale’s favorite prey, BTW) the whale is useful, and sometime even friendly to man.

So I have all these symbolic pointers to San Francisco, but also to Vancouver. I was thinking how it would be perfect timing if some kind of whale story were pointed toward Vancouver right about now (I was thinking some kind of stranding, or perhaps the Japanese), but what actually happened was that an Orca "bull" in a Florida Sea World drowned his trainer on Feb. 24th, in front of a horrified audience!? Is this "whale" tired of playing the clown? Free Willy indeed.

The whale was named Tilicum, which means “friends” or “relatives” in NW Coast Chinook jargon. We have a ferry boat named Tillicum on Puget Sound, and naturally, I’m in with the San Juan Island whale watching crowd since we lived there in 2002, a boat captain is even the godfather of Oliver, our Oztralian terrier! (dogfather?)

I think things are about to get very interesting indeed, and keep your all seeing eye on Vancouver.


SoapFan said...

Great post and your Star Trek Director's Cut post was terrific as well. I missed so many things in that film that you brought out!

If Koenig's son's death is ruled a suicide, it's odd as you commented on the Secret Sun, that the Olympics are ending with another death.

Well, two now, Marie Osmond's 18 year old son also committed suicide Friday night. He was a student at a design institute which occurred to me to be similar to the suicide of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. All of which is very tragic but prominent in the news for some reason.

Again thanks for a great post! I've followed your blog for a long time and it's always been great.

John said...

Obviously, if Osiris is whole again, the next step is the pregnancy of Isis with Horus. Pregnancy being about nine months, perhaps we should be looking for a 9 month or a 9/12 or 3/4 correlation?

That would appear to make Isis the temporarily dominant symbol set, followed closely by emergent Horus. You've been tracking Horus with good results; can we see Isis clearly among us?

Perhaps we should be looking at this from a Pacific Northwest perspective, and broadly interpret that as meaning from maybe Santa Cruz, CA, up to Juneau, Alaska. In the Egyptian legend, Osiris' penis was eaten by the oxyrhynchus fish, a fish with a curved nose. Salmon, anyone?

Actually, while the nose of a mating male Salmon points up, the nose of the oxyrhynchus fish, as recorded in Egyptian sculpture, points down;

A likely candidate for the correct fish would be the Nile Elephantnose. Elephantfish are notable for being able to navigate turbid waters via a weak electric field the fish generates.

Michael said...

Hi SoapFan, thanks for commenting, glad you enjoy the ravings. I know I do. ;-) Wow, the Marie Osmond (Oz mond) synch is wild!

John - Good point. We were just out on the deck a few evenings ago and Var comments, out of the blue "The sky feels pregnant". He doesn't read my blog. More anon.

Kate and Ray said...


Are you on Facebook?

Marie Osmond's son also just commited suicide.

Mary - Virgin Mary. Osmond - World of OZ.

Some CRAZY shit is going down in Oz right now. Check out Andrew Colin's site. Also, fish fell from the sky in Australia today.

I synched this in a conversation with my wife to the Koenig death.

These come in threes. I fear there will be another.

Walter Koenig walked out of Larry KING live during the process of looking for his son.

Synching Andrew's VERY VERY unfortunate passing to Horus/Osiris is a smart leap and a testament to the perspective we've been working on.

Thanks for going on this journey. We'll meet when we're raptured.



Kate and Ray said...

One more thing.

I got a Facebook post from friends today telling me I HAD to watch the movie, The Cove. It is nominated for an Academy Award - best documentary. LOOK UP THIS MOVIE.

Take care, my friend.

Anadæ Effro said...

I was deeply saddened by Andrew Koenig's passing, too. Chronic depression & suicidal ideation was something that I long battled my(s)elf, but over which I received the appropriate help.

Remember, the standard of the formerly-known-as the country of Alba is the St. Andrew's cross. And the 17th century minister of Presbytery, Robert Kirk, is alleged to have disappeared into Elfland shortly after the publication, in 1692, of his magnum opus, "The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies", the Scots man of letters, Andrew Lang, introduced-edition from 1893 of which can be read in its entirety online here. A beautifully & humongously annotated by the likewise expatriate of Scotland & present-day Faery bard, RJ Stewart, is this volume, Robert Kirk: Walker Between the Worlds.

Kirk, as you must well Gno, also means church. Take it from there. Brilliant blogticle, this. Thanks for bee-Ing so courageous, Michael. Namaste.

The Elfin-Faery Mage of Apple Mountain,
Anadæ Quenyan Effro Von Thüringen ~ (•8-D

Anonymous said...

what a great sense of humor. nice writing and not too offensive even after the warning label - maybe jealous of that rather large member tho!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

We just had the third suicide/death. I'm writing this on 3/7/2010.

It's the lead singer of Sparklehorse. Just announced in Rolling Stone.


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