Feb 23, 2010

A Danger to Peace

Gates Calls European Anti-War Mood a Danger to Peace

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who has long called European contributions to NATO inadequate, said Tuesday that public and political opposition to the military had grown so great in Europe that it was directly affecting operations in Afghanistan and impeding the alliance’s broader security goals.

We've seen this many times - the media's enthusiasm for blood overtakes its sense of propriety and it actually publishes a "truthful" headline. Var made a screen grab of this one. Hours later, the headline is moderated to appear slightly less Orwellian - now it reads: "Gates Calls European Mood a Danger to Peace".


Kate and Ray said...



Michael said...

One way to read this is:

"Heroin production is trending downward in Afghanistan and if Europe doesn't anti up with the necessary funds (since NATO shares the profits) then maybe a little terrorism event will be needed to motivate you."

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