Aug 20, 2009

Storming the Gates

The god of the most blessed ecstasy and the most enraptured love. But he was also the persecuted god, the suffering and dying god, and all whom he loved, all who attended him, had to share his tragic fate -- Walter F. Otto.

Considering the previous Dionysus post, where we found Jim Morrison of The DOORS resonating Dionysus/Jesus, and also the desire of Dionysus to enter the gates of Hades but requiring a guide (Prosymnos, who desired a sexual reward)

Leads us naturally to the Black Gate of More Doors, AKA Hades... and Frodo Baggins, who also desired to enter its gates, but "does not know the way". Much like Dionysus, he requires a guide. As Boromir wisely states:

"One does not simply walk into Mordor"

A coalition of stalwart heroes is formed to help guide him on his path - "the Fellowship of the Ring". One by one, every hero fails in his duty, and finally Frodo is left with his one true guide to Hades... Gollum. The one who openly desires that which he most desires to destroy.

The fact that Gollum is "a creature not so very different from Hobbits" hides the clue. Gollum is Frodo's Alter Ego, his Dark Side. Gollum knows the way to Mordor because he's been there! If Gollum is the guide to Dionysus resonator Frodo, then perhaps that makes him Prosymnos. Makes me wonder just what kind of "ring" Gollum thought was so precious... Is Mordor a gay bar? The kind in a dark alley with no markings on the door? No wonder D needed a guide!

As we have already determined in previous Gosporn posts, Jesus is serving major Dionysus symbolism, and we have supposed that perhaps Jesus was a Lotus Eater - a man who, much like Joseph Smith, initiated others into an entheogenic plant fueled tradition that the Greeks called the Dionysian Mysteries, itself part of a much older tradition.

The Fly Agaric mushroom trip/stargate to enlightenment is a religious tradition as ancient as it gets, and this magic mushroom is probably the worst kept secret of the secret societies - the real "Rocket Fuel". I have no doubt that the ritual imbibing of entheogens (Google wants to call this "enthronement") is at the heart of the sacred initiations of ALL the secret sects, including the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and most especially the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

And where do these entheogenic fueled trips always land? On Planet Queer - just like Dionysus!!

As we have already noticed, the Secret Gospel of Mark hints at homosexual shenanigans, and how synchy that NYC's New St. Mark's Baths became an infamous lair of homosexual activity in the '70's.

"It was described as a sex factory with men walking floor to floor. Music was played on the first floor common areas but on the top three floors were cubicles where no music was permitted, so that the only sound would be men having sex."

Music indeed. The proprietor, Bruce Mailman, later opened the Saint nightclub, another notorious venue with equally Dionysian/Catholic synchs. (Bruce died on 6/11/94 of AIDS related illness, for those with a numerological bent).

Gay bathhouse has a nice double H synch, and now that I look at it, batHHouse is like bat House, or Bat Cave - the underground lair of Bruce Wayne or his alter ego: Batman, AKA Hades. Maybe the Postman really does always ring twice.


On my "European Tour" in the early '90's, my traveling companion and I relied extensively on gay guidebooks to European cities, such as Damron's, Spartacus, etc. These guides were helpful all over Europe, but in relatively homophobic cities like Lisbon, they became essential. I have a wonderful memory of Ralph and I, standing in the middle of this essentially Middle Ages city, pondering our gay guide, trying to make sense of the labyrinthine streets, when out pops a handsome Portuguese, noting our confusion. He became our guide that night, to a wonderful, underground world of gay speakeasies and venues, and we never would have found them but for him. Thanks, P.


Anadæ Effro said...

Oh dear, thanx for the JRR Tolkien wink (I sprang me some wood) so, Gno-Ing of your nautical engineer day "slave", one good wood deserves another … what think ye of this nascent baby, 3x the size o/t QE2? Layees & genitalmen, for your ocean-liner pleasure cruise (winky-wink!) delectation, I give you Oasis Of The Seas!!! ~ (•:-0}

Michael said...

Thanks for the link to the latest Behemoth of the Seas.

"The Nation of Why Not"? It really needs a ferris wheel, don't you think? All the cool cities are doing it.

Devin said...

This was great Michael! tee-hee "Is Mordor a gay bar or something" When I went to Europe in 95 I also had one of those guides-but as it turned out I spent so much time in Amsterdam (maybe the or one of the most gay friendly cities in the world?) I didn't need it-Looking back i do wish I had traveled more-I have never been to Spain (haha-that song-"but Ive been to arizona":) or Portugal or southern europe or Scandinavia -but I am lucky to have done what I have done-best to you and Var as always!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for the comment. Amsterdam is the sh*t, isn't it? Sorry not to be updating here much lately, I guess the Dionsysus thread has satisfied (for now) my questions into the occulted Jesus.

ViølatoR said...

I could just see those early Christian cults eagerly chomping down phallic mushroom tips and going places we can only imagine. One of those places might just be Mordor/Hell/Subconscious. The first pic reminded me of this modified picture of a man spreading his anus turned into a man spreading the eye of Sauron. (From this post.)

Michael said...

ViolatoR - thanks for the reference pic - very appropriate. An entheogenic fueled initiation into a conscious experience of the subconscious (AKA hell, Hades, Mordor, the Cave...) seems to be what these early cults were up to. Remember how stories leaked out about the Secret Initiation rituals of George W. Bush's Skull and Bones - lying in a coffin masturbating? Death and sex - the door into Hades, and the "key" to getting back out...

Devin said...

Michael-no worries about the updates-I seem to be either posting a lot or ready to give up on the whole bit altogether!! I wanted to post this stupid bit from my dream journal in response to your comment about your dream. For awhile I had interesting dreams that I could try to analyze-esp when I was trying to lucid dream-but insomnia this summer has kicked my butt to the point when I dream I am not remembering except for bits and pieces here it is can anyone decipher:): 8/29 AM "Had a dream-lost in a big hotel?-not sure-there was an offer on cigs to see if you liked one of three types-had to bring your own lighter." so much for erotic dreams eh? all the best to you and Var!!

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