Aug 4, 2009

Pouring the Foundation

"The Deck" was finally completely demolished last weekend. The carpenter, wearing a blue "Sea Dru Nar" tank top and W (trident) emblazoned sneakers worked his ass off in the heat, but he got the the job done. He also poured the foundation for the supports for the new deck, and a fine job he did. Concrete is actually made from limestone - AKA recycled shellfish.

So pretty cool to find some concrete/crustacean synchs this week, starting with Anadae's link in the comments to the sub-lime DJ Lobsterdust!

Today Gods Amongst Men posted a Twins Redux featuring those Russian hotties Konstantin and Oleg - cavorting amongst the concrete ruins.

And also today, Bring a Trailer features a 1968 Fiat (King) Abarth 1300 - "perfected". Which is really no big deal, even considering the red and white paint job and the wink at Lucky 13. But check out the Abarth badge:

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