May 5, 2009

Every Hero Has a Beginning...

Ooh, my favorite gay super hero lets it all hang out! The Naked Justice origins story - from the tombs of ancient Egypt to post war Great Britain! Our red headed hero with the "lighting rod" meets his first challenge - an invasion of twin-dicked men from Mars! From Class Comics.

Postscript: my horny, lavender-hued avatar is from the fertile crescent of CC.


Devin said...

Well those graphics are certainly yummy!! thanks for that:-) also wanted to mention-thanks for the link to your PKD article -when my next article on him appears with your permission I would like to link it at the end -and any other folks who have done articles on PKD -I try to follow so many sites there is no telling how much I miss in between trying to do my own stuff and looking at work other people do-thanks again and best to you and Varen-your friend always!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, you're of course welcome to link here, no need to ask? And thanks for reminding me of my personal PKD-like episode through your great article.

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