May 4, 2009

The Crying Pig

Tonight, as last week's swine flu pandemic became merely a bad cold, I was roasting a red pepper for "burrito night", and my thoughts were drawn to Mexico. A favorite little Mexican burrito joint in Seattle is El Puerco Lloron - "The Crying Pig", and I recalled how important the pig is to Mexican food. A pig is to Mexico as a cow is to the US - something of a cultural icon.

The last great influenza outbreak in the US was called the Spanish Flu, and I recall that Mexico was conquistadored by Spain. Felipe Solis Olguin, the director for the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City, threw President Obama a gala dinner on April 16, and dies the next day from "flu-like symptoms," and that's no accident. It occurs to me that para-politics are involved here?

The media generated illusion of "pandemic" has harmed the Mexican economy the most, and I always follow the money. Mexico lost, and of course, the "pharmaceutical" industry won again, with the many orders for Tamiflu®.

Perhaps what is really going on is a secret "war" against Mexico, with a germ and the media as levers of economic coercion. What this may actually be about is anybody's guess, from drugs to ancient artifacts. The obvious answer is that it is about the drug cartel... just another seedy argument between the global suppliers of heroin and cocaine (the CIA) and such.

However, the first "victim" of Obama, being so closely associated with anthropology and ancient Mexican (solar) lore... makes me wonder if there aren't larger pieces at play. The "language" seems more esoteric than the typical gang warfare.

The covert "reaction" to the Swine Flu "epidemic" was a dramatic fly-by of an 'Air Force One' painted jet over Manhattan on April 27, causing widespread (and deliberate) panic. The presidential jet, standing in for the suicide jets of 911 - Hmmm. Might the Oval Office take that as a threat? On the other hand, the fly-by might not have been a reaction to the Swine Flu, but to Obama's pursuit of CIA torture crimes, but in any case not such a big difference, since the CIA is complicit in both.

The interesting synch that "sun" is Felipe Solis Olguin's middle name makes me wonder if his death isn't just another warning to the new Sun King: Tow the line... or else.

However the plays on the Grand Chessboard play out, there are always the crying pigs, the pawns sacrificed to the appetites of those who cannot be sated.


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Devin said...

Brilliant thoughts Michael!! I had no idea this had happened-I haven't been paying close attention to the news lately -guess I should start-I definitely see an intersection with the parapolitical here! Fascinating about the man's name-and of course the big winner so far are the pharmaceuticals-I think your thoughts about a possible secret war against Mexico have validity also-lord only knows we have done a hella lot worse than this!! Great article as always-trying to get caught up on people's blogs-I hope you and Varen are having a lovely week-all the best!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for commenting. Not so brilliant, just ranting, really. Actually, I intend to stay away from this kind of thing in the future, we'll see if I do. All the best to you too.

David Stewart said...

I hope you don't purposely stay away from such posts in the future Michael - this was a very thoughtful and thought-provoking piece.
If it's the politics involved - I believe two things:
Everything is political
And a gentlemen is always required to engage himself in the politics of the day., it's a necessary part of serving his community.

Michael said...

Hi David, I see you have a new shield?

Well... I think all the post achieved was showing that I don't really have any better idea about what's actually going on than anyone else. So I made a few connections and I wind up sounding like Alex Jones? Speculative journalism at its worst.

David Stewart said...

HAHAHAHAHA - but Michael haven't you noticed that all of Alex Jones" acolytes are handsome young 18-25 year old males??!!
He at least knows how to do something I don't know how to do !!!! :)

FilmNoir23 said...

Right you are Michael!!!!Great stuff.

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