Jun 19, 2007

The Gay Bomb

From the 'truth is stranger than fiction' department, comes this tidbit via QueerMeNow.

Dark Alley Media prepares to drop the Gay Bomb

...Gay Bomb will take us into the future and the year 2012. George the Second has refused to step down as leader of the “free world,” and the nations of Europe have banded together to fight the new American military dictatorship. Desperate to fend off its attackers, the US launches the experimental “gay bomb,” designed to make the enemy forces drop their guns and turn fag. But the winds of fate blow in a different direction, and soon America is brought to its knees.

Recent news headlines revealed that Pentagon insiders admitted to having truly considered the “gay bomb” as an example of non-lethal chemical warfare in the Iraq War. The Air Force asked for a $7.5 million grant to develop the idea, which was proposed to the government’s highest scientific authority.

Dark Alley’s Matthias von Fistenberg said, “We’re really not making this up. In fact, if the Pentagon officials wants to see the outcome of this project, they should tune into Dark Alley TV on December 1...

They really AREN'T making it up.

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