Apr 30, 2007

The Illuminated Ulf

I've come to know and love Ulf art via Male Art Toons at Yahoo. He's one of the few 3D homoerotic artists who creates images that are both sexually raw and technically refined. His subjects are all massively muscled and hung, usually engaged in some sort of dominance/submission ritual. Urinals, plumbing, crew-cuts, tats and dog tags figure prominently. At the same time, Ulf textures his images with chiaroscuro worthy of Da Vinci - they almost rival medieval frescoes - maybe there are even a few secret catacombs in the Vatican holding paintings with similar themes?

I've dabbled in 3D rendering, and it's easy to make a harshly lit mannequin, but difficult indeed to create a sexy image with nuance, to get the lighting just right, the textures just so. Ulf makes it look easy, but I know the countless hours he spends.

Ulf makes me hard, but more than that, he makes me wonder. His recent renderings have a quasi-religious tone, and his images of the divine masculine go waaaay beyond "porn".

Born of This

"Born of This" is an image of a glorified man emerging from water, and a reference to John 3:5 --

Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

"born of water" means born of a woman, in other words - like a mortal man - like you and me. Born of the Spirit refers to the seed of the Father. In other words, a "cross" between the physical and the spiritual. Hmmm, cross... where have I seen that symbol? Believe it or not, another homoerotic bible lesson! Thanks Ulf!

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