Mar 27, 2020

The King and I

Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19.

PRINCE Charles, 71, has tested positive for coronavirus, Clarence House announced today. The future king had been displaying mild symptoms but remains in "good health" after being diagnosed with the deadly bug on Monday night. - The Sun

This takes me right back to 2004 when my third sync eye was opened by an amanita mushroom tea given to me by a Seattle shaman. The mushroom imparts the willingness to believe that mythical and symbolic archetypes are real, or at least… have real power in the collective subconscious.

When it began, it implanted a feeling similar to “hair standing up on the back or your neck” when sync happened. Over time, that feeling subsided, but that was the basic test.

To make a really long story short, after reading Dan Brown's 'The DaVinci Code' I figured that this was a blueprint for the revealing of the literal heir of Jesus Christ. I knew it was going to be Prince William. He who was born of Diana on the summer solstice by Caesarean section. And who was given the royal name of William Arthur Philip Louis: The Once and Future King.

Over the many years since, I’ve let go of my early obsession and moved on. And yet, here we are with the coronavirus (King Kill) lined up on Prince Charles the heir apparent, during an unprecedented global economic shutdown and martial law. If Charles dies, then William is next in line. It’s weird how the hairs on the back of my neck are quivering again, and how it’s all coming back around.


On March 11 Tom Hanks announced he and his wife Rita Wilson had contracted the virus. They were in Australia where Hanks was filming. Note that Prince Charles was also in Australia on March 12.

Hanks and Wilson were released from the hospital on March 17. Tom Hanks starred in The DaVinci Code.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I think you will find Prince Charles wasn't in Australia on March 12th this year.
If he was here it's news to me and I'm sure it would have been all over the news here.
I nearly did take my oldest son to watch Rita Wilson sing at a bar in Brisbane, where Tom Hanks was in attendance, but I got a feeling come over me of not being bothered to go and so decided not to worry about trying to get tickets and going.
Which in hindsight was a good move for me and my son's health, and I wonder how many people at that event spread the virus further around my hometown.
One reporter who was hanging around them was tested positive, but is still showing no symptoms at all.
He just had the test because he was hanging around Hanks and his wife.
By the way, Prince Charles' CORONAtion in Wales took place on July the 1st, which in hindsight would be the day his future wife Diana celebrated her birthday on.
Diana would have turned 8 the day he was CROWned Prince Charles.

Michael said...

Hi Darren. I was going off the top photo caption, which said his last appearance was at an Australian bushfire benefit. I assumed, wrongly, that the benefit was in Australia. Thanks for the correction.

JP said...

Bonjour !

About a "crown":

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