Jun 8, 2015

The Crime of the Century

I binge-watched the Netflix production of Marvel’s Daredevil last April, and noted how Ben Urich, the reporter looking into the secret crimes of Hell’s Kitchen’s most noted “philanthropist” - Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin - drove a late 90’s Buick Century.

This automobile was perhaps chosen to underline Urich’s relative poverty compared to the transportation of the fat cats who he attempted to expose. Fisk’s lawyer drives a late model Maserati, for example.

Several of us were watching Daredevil and reporting syncs on FB, including Andrew West Griffin, owner and editor of Red Dirt Report. Andrew said that he once drove a Buick Century, which he had nicknamed “the Runt”, the name came to him while raking leaves on Oct. 11. That happens to be my birthday.


According to Wikipedia:

The model name Century came about when Buick was designing its first production automobile capable of reaching a speed of 100 mph. The division needed to come up with a name. One of the Buick executives had returned from a recent trip to the British isles and told the other executives that the British referred to going 100 mph as "doing the century".

Centuries, or Centuriae, means TRIBE or COMPANY. Theoretically, this word traces its roots to centum which is Latin for one hundred, but that connection is widely disputed or disregarded.
A centurion (also hekatontarch in Greek sources, or, in middle Byzantine times, kentarch) was a professional officer of the Roman army.

As I noted in the previous entry, I spent last Memorial Day reading about the Lincoln assassination by Dave McGowan, or the “Crime of the Century”, as it was called back in the day. Like Urich and Griffin, McGowan is a reporter with a talent for unraveling the mainstream media trance. Perhaps his best analysis of the situation stems from asking the question: “If I was going to assassinate the President, how would I do it?” and considering the myriad opportunities to attack Lincoln while he was alone and vulnerable, the choice of “box seat, Ford’s theater with single shot pistol” defies credulity. However, the choice of venue was logical if part of the goal (perhaps most of it) was to create a national media sensation.

Dave McGowan notes how the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations and also 911 are conspicuous simply by their conspicuousness. Engineered to be collective rituals, with outrageous and spectacular media manipulation to present a certain narrative of events.

The band Supertramp is syncing back in thanks to their album: Crime of the Century, and the next one: Breakfast in America, resonating 9/11 - the first “Crime of the NEW Century”.


Kingpin: Originally, with the 'turntable' steering of horse-drawn wagons, this was a single pin on which the moveable axle was pivoted beneath the wagon's frame. -wikipedia

In other words, a steering device. Apparently the entire lesson is based upon who, or what, is doing the driving. Mad coachmen, runaway horses, the collective carriage is going off the cliff. Apparently, "Time's up, Runt!"

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