May 7, 2015

The Mad Hatter

After the Dogon in the Hat episode of last summer, I’ve been keeping my eye on hat syncs. Got a doozy last week when some friends came over for a visit and shared their new invention called the “Hatitude”.

“No matter where you’re walking, everyone knows where you stand”.

A neighbor’s dog runs away quite a bit to come and see us. He’s a friendly little black and white dog from Kenya (like Obama). His name is Fez.

I don’t know much about fezzes except that they are highly symbolic hats worn by Greeks, Turks, Shriners, and Akbar and Jeff.

Fez has to run across busy Washington St. to get to our place, we’re afraid he’s going get himself hit.

There's a thread on FB  concerning - Always Record episode 117, about the prevalence of forehead marking rituals in the films of interest. It occurs to me that a mark on a hat, a logo on a baseball cap, might accomplish the same symbolic “magic”. I know that Crowley certainly believed in the magical power of head gear.

David S. birthday was also last week, he lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

In my youth, I knew a fellow named Rusty who had a family friend named Hatmaker. Mike Hatmaker, I think. I think I might make a few hats myself.

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