Oct 19, 2013

Ankars Away

I never check out Goro Adachi because he is so dead on with my personal syncs it's scary. But I broke my rule a few days ago.

As noted previously, ISON is "Trojan" in nature in that its perihelion (closest point to sun) will be on Thanksgiving (Nov 28) aka "Turkey Day". (Trojan = Troy = ancient city in what is now Turkey.)

And it just so happens that the name of Turkey's capital, Ankara, means "anchor", implying "gravity". The apple and gravity go hand in hand via Newton...

It will be just a couple of days later from there when we'll see Mars and ISON at their closest point to each other, as seen from Earth, on Oct 17... the day of the debt ceiling deadline in the US which would greatly intensify the government shutdown crisis started on Oct 1 (ISON's Mars flyby day). Should be quite intense what we'll see right around that time on both macro and micro/personal levels.

I've been working on an anchor logo for a week - staring at an anchor. I honestly never connected it with gravity, duh. What I did connect it with was "grounding", and of course, sexy sailors with an anchor tat, but also... teleportation. Because in HTML, the "anchor" tag is the way we travel from one web page to another in cyberspace. That is probably how we will do it. For real.

I have no idea why this phallic symbol is defying gravity.
Goro is also syncing with the golden apple of discord, and again, this is deeply personal. I have a million apple syncs over the summer. A few days ago a seagull flew over me and dropped an apple directly in my path. It was so obvious I took a pic. The gull representing Eris. The time traveling DeLorean has gull-wing doors. In Turkey, the land of Troy, Gul = rose, which is of course, another apple.

Still time to change the road your on?
And finally - Paris, the poor soul forced to choose between three vain and powerful Goddesses:
Returning after nine days, Agelaus was astonished to find the child still alive, and brought him home in a backpack (πήρα, hence Paris's name, which means "backpack") to rear as his own.
Same day as the golden apple event, this anon character who is known only as John H, begins posing in a backpack, on certain sites of prurient interest. To the fairest, indeed.

John H only appears as an animated GIF, and the Trojan Horse was also a gift.

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