Mar 9, 2013

Jiminy Crickets!

Tonight is the "[Dark] Night of Shiva" One night before the New Moon.

If the New Moon is the start of a new creation, then the night before, that dark night, is that inward breath, the time immediately prior to creation.

Copulation, insemination. Tonight, the seeds of subconscious desire are planted into fertile ground - the veil is thin.

Pan's Satyrs, via Tom of Finland

Tonight might be a particularly good night to wish upon a STARR.

PanSTARRS comet

That'll be the day...

Jiminy Crickets!


Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Michael, hey man. Here 'tis, the Ides of marzo, but I only just thought that I'd drop by & lemme tell ya, this post is purritay sync-y. Ya see, I just corrected someone very dear to me over their misidentification of a Buddha statue as being that of Shiva. I even used this Octavio Ocampo rendering to softly clarify the distinctions. And then I visited your web logue, finding your latest from the ninth. Chalk up another win.

Anonymous said...

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GreggerMan said...

Crickets, the Chinese symbol of luck. I truly miss the wonderful music they would make on warm summer nights in California. I regret having never seen a live firefly, but I will always hold the fond memory of insects rubbing their legs together to fill the darkness with the sounds of passionate mating. Procreation abounding.

Keep it real, Mike.

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