Aug 5, 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Ever since I began hearing about Curiosity, the Mars Rover due to land tonight on the red planet, the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" has run through my head. Will Curiosity indeed kill the cat, and what exactly would that mean?

Here's Captain Kirk narrating the NASA propaganda piece that details the improbable sequence of events that must occur exactly right on time for the rover to make it onto the Martian surface intact. NASA is calling it "the seven minutes of terror." The ad right before the vid was an "I'm a Morman" ad, by the LDS.

I note that Mit Romney is now nicknamed "Mittens", an obvious cat reference. We also have the various Lion Kings (most prominently Prince William and Obama), and the return of Selina Kyle, "Cat Woman" in The Dark Knight Rises.

Mittens is a black and white "tuxedo" cat. Here he is with the bolt of lightning or 77 insignia of enlightenment over his head.

Another day, another mass shooting: this time, a lone gunman shot up a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in what was no doubt at least 7 minutes of terror, 7 dead. This lone gunman suspect lived on Holmes Ave. and in yet another case of bad casting, the alleged gunman in the Aurora CO shooting is James Holmes (via The CopyCAT Effect). Holmes is the surname of the world's most famous detective, and Batman first appeared in the pages of Detective Comics. Here is Detective Mittens, the Crime Solving Cat:

One might guess we have a bit of sleuthing ahead of us, and I suspect this is but the tip of the iceberg.
"Most male Sikhs have Singh (lion) as their surname"

The big cats, such as the lion, tiger and leopard, have been used to signify religious and temporal authority since, well... forever. The Lion of Judah signifies the heirs of King David, while Shiva and Dionysus both wear the pelt of a leopard. King Arthur was the "Lion-Heart", and yes, even Pope Sidious can be seen posing with a lion cub. Consider it a symbol of might makes right, or right makes might.

Given the Star Trek tie-in of the NASA video, let us remember Kahn Noonian Singh and his race of genetic supermen that tried to take over the world - more than once.

That STOS episode was called Space Seed, and as I watch the Curiosity video I wondered if NASA isn't so much telling a story of what is about to happen on Mars, but rather, a story of what happened a long time ago, on earth. Same lion king, different clothes. That space seed left a bunch of heirs, or so they like to say.

If you note, the Sikhs have the balls to name all their sons "Lion Kings", not just one, but every single fucking one of them. That's a pretty radical idea when you think about it.

And as for all the women out there, sorry for the male chauvinism. We all know it's the lionesses who do all the hard work in the pride parade.

UPDATE: Pussy Riot. How could I miss that?

We note that Pussy Riot attacks the church, and Mittens is a "good Mormon".


GreggerMan said...

And, of course, this is August with the first full moon of the month just passed and we are currently in the sign of Leo the Lion.

All these kitty connections have my head spinning.

I prefer to think of mittens as cloth gloves and that they represent Romney's fear of actually touching anything substantive.

Keep up the good work,

Michael said...

Good catch, August being the month of Leo. I like how Mitten's first name is Willard, syncing rats, or those that feed off the grain and contribute nothing, aka bankers. And yet he's also a cat, which never plays well with rats. Sorta Two Face, maybe.

Thanks for reading!

Gordon said...

Hoagland now suspects that the face on Mars near the Cydonia complex is feline and openly speculates as to whether the earlier inhabitants of the red planet were also feline.

So Curiosity could literally kill the cat (hypothesis)?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

What's got me worried with this Mars stuff is this ;

I've just seen all the fuss about this Mohawk Guy named Bobak Ferdowsi and couldn't help comparing him to Bob...
I mean Robert De Niro's character out of the movie "Taxi Driver".

Don't forget Jodie "Contact" Foster was in "Taxi Driver" too.
And De Niro has a mohawk and wears a parachute/winged insignia on his green jacket.
That is just the tip of the ice-burg really.

Michael said...

Gordon: that's awesome, thanks.

Darren: Wow, that Mohawk guy is pinging like crazy. Of course, the mohawk is a "war" head dress, so that syncs with Mars. And yea, Taxi Driver, the film that inspired John Hinckley Jr. to become yet another lone gunman who shot at Ronald Raygun. This is freaking me out. I note that Bobak is really close to Barak.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

If you look at the "Taxi Driver" movie poster,there is a XXX above
De Niro's head...
which of course is shorthand for porn (pawn?-),but it is also during the XXX Olympic Games,oddly enough that Bobak land this thing on Mars.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Plus there is the Peter Boyle
/Danny Boyle link too.
A Boyle involved both in
"Taxi Driver" and the Olympics.

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