Nov 18, 2011

The Howling

Oliver awoke this morning with a long, mournful howl... he was dreaming. That was the first time I think he ever did that - wake up howling, not dreaming. He's always dreaming.
How you have fallen from the heavens! Howl, son of the dawn! You are hacked down to the earth, defeater of all nations. ~Isaiah 14:12
This famous verse of Isaiah is generally considered to refer to the downfall of the King of Tyre, though some say the King of Babylon. Burning Taper.
The sea king at whose command Tyre was built was Hiram of Tyre, most well-known for his role in building the Temple of Solomon. ~Hiram, King of Tyre
In any case, since the U.S.A is the Masonic New Atlantis (the sea kings), that would symbolically make our president related to the King of Tyre. Even if it meant Babylon, ever since George W. Bush became “King of Babylon”, our president can wear that crown too. Tyre, Babylon, tomatoes, tomaatoes.

Alan at The Happy Creatures was noting more KK and antichrist symbolism running around this month, and somehow manages to sync in Angry Birds, who stand in so nicely for the OWS movement, or as I like to say, the Owls. So of course, homoerotic artist Patrick Fillion tumbles in today with an angry owl.

It’s funny because we have a slow leak in one of the VW tires that we’ve been nursing for weeks because new tires aren’t in the budget quit yet. The King of Tires is in Dallas, TX. No doubt he drives a Lincoln.


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Ha, so good.

I swear, I wish I could blog like you. Short and sweet, but you hit on intriguing elements, powerful syncs, and leave with a laugh.

Thanks for the shout out and for reminding me that OWS are OWLS. Love the angry bird OWL. That's amazing.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

PS: I think it's time to reread our Ginsburg:

Michael said...

Oh, perfect sync, thanks! BTW, was reading about the fall of Tyre:

"Conventional wisdom deemed Tyre as virtually unconquerable, as it was situated on an island surrounded by a turbulent sea. ...This, of course, made Alexander all the more determined to succeed in his quest. So his soldiers put aside their swords, and spent the next seven months constructing a land bridge out to the island."

And now the OWLS are occupying the bridges.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Cr Owley

JKR Owling

Hedwig's angry inch (homo rage again)

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