Sep 22, 2006

King of the Locker Room

A small town 12 year old boy with an "unnatural" interest in big muscle men didn’t have many options open to him in 1972. I could send away for mail order bodybuilding courses from the back of Popular Mechanics, but I never found any bodybuilding magazines at the local grocery stores - not that I would’ve had the courage to buy one anyway. The occasional Hercules movie would show up on afternoon TV, and there were always comic book super heroes. I began collecting them and eventually, started drawing my own.

My heroes were always buck naked and massively developed - in every way. Drawing them with enormous cocks just seemed right to me, like this is what a man SHOULD look like! All the lines of his body; the bulging pecs and arms, the flaring lats and thighs, the corrugated abs, they all naturally lead my eye to his crowning glory. I'd make a drawing and just look at him, eyes glazed over in a fog of lust, frigging away at my own hard-on. I’d stash the hand made porn under my bed and use it until eventually and inevitably, I'd want to draw another one. Over time the porn collection would gradually build up, and then in a fit of guilt I'd throw them all away. A week or two of abstinence, and I’d start drawing again. Fortunately some drawings survived, though only the ones made after I moved away from home at 18. This one's typical; a big guy hanging out in the locker room, obviously happy as hell to be hung like a fence post.

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