Sep 2, 2007

King Felix

In a string of world records, Felix the hurricane (not the cat) has today gained the notoriety of being the strongest Category 5 ever recorded.

Galaxy Fractal

Being a curious cat, I googled 'king felix' and landed on Tim Boucher's entry: King Felix Keyword Hijacking Where he explains the Philip K. Dick (ummm... dick?) source of the phrase, and then goes on to deliver a typical Boucher sermon about there being only one true person:

When Philip K. Dick talked about the plasmate or the secret subversive group Aramchek in his novel Radio Free Albemuth what he was talking about is that there is only one real person.

When you become real you find out that there is only one real person and that you are it. But everyone else who becomes real finds that out as well. That there is only one real person and they are it. Hence you see false messiahs and demagogues spring up left and right, and they will be used or destroyed (usually both) by the technocracy-AI to push forward framed perceptual debates which help them drive the culture forward where they want it to go.

Woah, Noah! (NOAA). I figure Tim is right on here, there really IS only one Person, and one Creator - the 'I Am'. The Ego (AKA Satan) is a necessary evil, because 'I Am' wants to see himself reflected through the eyes of another. Another lover. The moon reflecting the sun.

When this is experienced, the ego becomes nothing, and at the same time, more powerful than it can even imagine (to paraphrase Obi Wan). This experience can also be a one-way ticket to Nutsville, and considering the ever more frequent appearance of self-proclaimed messiahs, David Shayler being the most recent, Tim's explanation makes good sense to me.

It is only a sense of ego 'meekness' that lets the wave of the 'I Am' "pass over" without permanent disruption of the sand below.

Ego isn't evil - it's totally necessary - it just needs to shrink a tiny little bit. Then we can see around it. See our brand new lover.


Dead or Alive films 'Brand New Lover' in a surreal montage of Spanish bull fighting and new world shamanic totems. Being born 'West of the Rio Grande', I'm pretty familiar with the spirits of Cowboys and Indians. The Spanish part... Well, it took a visit to Barcelona and Sitges to connect with those roots, and I dunno, but there's a tale there, something... ancient EspaƱa isn't quite yet finished.

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